Memorial Plaques in Heswall

Memorial Plaques in HeswallMemorial plaques in Heswall are often made of brass. This is a metal that is durable and does not tarnish. They can be made of stone if they are going to be cemented into a memorial wall. Some memorials are in the form of a tree that is planted in memory of someone who has died and a plaque is usually made to permanently mark the tree as a memorial. It usually has the name and date of birth and death. If the person was well known for anything in particular it is normally mentioned on the plaque. Memorial plaques can be small and discrete or they can be large and ornate. It all depends on the person and the occasion.

To show your love of a deceased family member in Heswall, memorial plaques can be commissioned. Some memorial plaques are for people who died during wars and contain hundreds or thousands of names. Our qualified stone cutter can hand carve the required message onto the stone of your choice or etch it onto a metal plaque. Many memorial plaques are commissioned as memorials for cremations. These are often used in a garden of remembrance where there are no gravestones. The garden is usually planted with trees and flowers and plaques are placed on benches or features in the garden.

Memorial plaques in Heswall are a way of commemorating the life and death of a beloved family member. Contact Birkenhead Monumental today or visit our showroom to see how we can design a truly memorable plaque. The plaques are often affixed to a wall or a bench in one of the favourite places the deceased relative liked to spend time. They are a way of remembering the enjoyment of life and the happy times spent with a loved one. Plaques can also be fixed to church pews in the place where the deceased used to sit in church. These plaques constantly remind friends of the time spent with their friend who has passed away.

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