Inscriptions in Runcorn

inscriptions in RuncornWhen speaking about headstone inscriptions in Runcorn, many of us have expressed a desire to have this phrase or that quote on our headstone when we pass on. Often the conversation is in jest but it does reveal our understanding of what the inscription is supposed to accomplish. We expect the inscription to sum up who we are in 20 words or less. When others choose our headstone and inscription, the summation will be their perception of who we are in this life. The whole process can be a little unnerving and thinking about it can cause anyone to become obsessive. Birkenhead Monumental has a wealth of experience counselling families of loved ones who have died regarding the final inscription. We would be pleased to share that experience with you.

Some people arrange ahead of time for their final inscription. We at Birkenhead Monumental can honour most all requests in Runcorn inscriptions regardless of the stone. Of course, we can help you choose from our selection of marble and granite and the shape you find most pleasing. Our family owned business originated 50 years ago and we currently have six experienced and talented craftsmen on staff to meet your needs. The art of hand carved lettering is not obsolete in Wirral because we do have such an experienced craftsman heading our company. Most stone carvings are done by machine today and we can do that as well. However, if you prefer the artistry of hand carving, you have that option.

Inscriptions in Runcorn can include almost any colour or if you prefer, no colour at all. Lettering can be engraved, hand cut or in relief. The selection of symbols may be religious, military, flowers or anything that represents an important part of the deceased’s life and beliefs. When you say the name what comes to mind? Contact Birkenhead Monumental and visit our displays. Seeing first-hand the various typeface and layouts will help you make your own choices. We’re here to help and guide you. Some cemeteries have guidelines we must respect and we can help by informing you of those as well as paperwork for churches.

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