Inscriptions in Ellesmere Port

Inscriptions in Ellesmere PortIf, after the burial of a family member, inscriptions in Ellesmere Port are needed for the gravestone, contact Birkenhead Monumental. We are a family run company with more than 50 years of experience in the stonemason trade. Crafting and supplying a range of beautiful memorials, we also provide an inscription service. The inscription on a headstone needs to be carefully planned and worded. It often includes a biblical passage or a meaningful poem that was significant to the deceased. The inscription or epitaph is a short text honouring a deceased person. It is then inscribed or engraved on their monument, headstone, memorial plaque, gravestone, tombstone or cemetery marker.

It can be difficult to convey your thoughts and feelings about the deceased in a few words. In Ellesmere Port, inscriptions typically include the deceased’s date of birth and death, his name and a short message. We can assist you with selecting the most suitable inscription. We can also assist with the choosing of the font and the size of the inscription. There are many different fonts that could be used for the inscription. Some fonts are easier to read when inscribed, and these include Classic Roman and the italic font. We will advise on the most suitable font to use, as well as provide advice and suggestions for the layout and design.

Inscriptions in Ellesmere Port are expertly done by our team. For more information about how we can help you with an inscription service, contact Birkenhead Monumental. Other than an inscription service, we also offer a full range of memorials in many different colours with a large choice of designs. These include flowers, religious symbols, military and sporting badges. We can also assist with the paperwork and submissions for church and council authorities. The memorials that we have on offer a carefully crafted by our dedicated stonemasons. Our experienced craftsmen can engrave almost any design, and will be happy to discuss your ideas with you. We are also affiliated with BRAMM. This is our trade association and guarantees your security and satisfaction.

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