Stonemasons in Chester

Stonemasons in ChesterFinding stonemasons in Chester can be challenging. Consequently, planning the perfect send-off for your loved one becomes difficult. At Birkenhead Monumental we understand that a  well-crafted headstone is necessary not just to mark a grave but also to remind us of who we’ve lost. Our stonemasons appreciate all the intricate work that goes into making a perfect headstone. From the choice of stone to the font of the engraving, our masons are guaranteed to give top-notch service with unmatched results. Mourning your loved ones can be made slightly easier by having a well-crafted headstone to match the beautiful life they led.

Stonemasonry is among the oldest crafts in human history. In Chester, stonemasons from our company hold true to the traditions of the art. At Birkenhead Monumental we have the skill to bring out beauty from tragedy. Headstones can be made from a variety of stones including granite, sandstone, marble, and slate.  The choice is based on personal preference and budget. We offer a range of high-quality headstones to add a lasting and fitting tribute to the deceased. Although headstones are durable, some show signs of wear and tear after years in the graveyard. Our stonemasons offer restoration services and handle headstone replacement. We can restore an old grave and renew good memories.

Our stonemasons in Chester make headstones guaranteed to last for years. Although the memories of our loved ones are etched in our minds, Birkenhead Monumental engraves them on a stone for future generations. The information on headstones normally includes the name of the deceased, their date of birth and death. An additional inscription can be made on the gravestone to sum up the life of the deceased. This ranges from a short bible verse to a quote or ideology that shaped the life of the deceased. Our stonemasons have brilliant skills that are sure to give spectacular results. Contact Birkenhead Monumental for the best stonemasons in town. Let the stone head on the grave of your loved one be as beautiful as the life they led.

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