Headstones in Upton

Headstones in UptonGreat care is taken when creating headstones in Upton at Birkenhead Monumental. If you want hand cut lettering, the only craftsman who can do it in Wirral is our stonemason. Custom lettering and design work for headstones along with compassionate customer service is our family business of fifty years. Our work begins with the fine quality stone of choice; marble, granite or rustic. The stone is ancient but must be skilfully cut in one of many designs to insure the shape will endure. Each stone has space for memorial designs and medallions as well as the final words chosen by the family to honour the life of their loved one. All of our lettering and design work, hand or machine cut, is created on site at our facility where we have full quality control and flexibility to customise.

The durability, design and inscription of a headstone is meant to last through future generations. In Upton, headstones marking the resting place of family members give those who come after a touchstone to define their own position in the grand scheme. The questions our clients have when they come to us is what should the stone look like and what words are most appropriate and descriptive. Our staff is familiar with this process and we want you to take your time making these important decisions. We have a showroom displaying a full range of our work and services including stone choice, design and lettering. We can help convey your feelings through words for the inscription. The finished product will be according to your wishes.

Cemeteries have differing guidelines for placing headstones in Upton. The acceptable size of the stone can vary depending on the cemetery. Some will only allow plaques as grave markers. Available space and maintenance costs dictate the guidelines. We are familiar with the rules of most regional cemeteries. Those are the guidelines you and we must work within. Contact Birkenhead Monumental and schedule an appointment to prepare for the creation of a headstone for your loved one. Generally, we wait a year for the ground to settle before placing the headstone; then we erect it according to standards.

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