Memorials in Moreton

Memorials in MoretonThe manufacturing process for memorials in Moreton starts at the quarry, where the raw materials, whether they’re granite or marble, are extracted. The materials are usually extracted in very large chunks that can weigh up to several tonnes. In the case of granite, these chunks are cut out using either a jet piercing machine that blasts around 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit of heat, or a diamond wire saw and explosives. Once these large blocks have been extracted, the secondary process begins and they are broken down into more manageable pieces by wedging.

For companies in Moreton, memorials come from these pieces, which are further divided by large diamond saws and converted into slabs. Smaller saws can then be used to further refine the shape of these slabs. A slab can be as big as 3 metres in length and 20 centimeters in thickness, but they are often broken down further to meet the requirements of a monument manufacturer. The final step of the preparation process involves large polishing mills that grind and buff the slabs until they achieve a smooth surface.

Once the preparation process is over, it’s time to put the finishing details on memorials in Moreton . A variety of tools can be used for this purpose. Masons will often use hammers, hammers, chisels, sandblasting equipment and pneumatic tools, in order to achieve the best suited shape and design. It is a labour intensive process that allows the mason to add in all of the details that make for a great memorial. For the engraving process, a special technique is employed. Using liquid glue and a rubber stencil, the mason creates a mask on the surface of the stone, which is then sandblasted. The rubber mask protects certain areas from the sandblaster, exposing only those areas that will make up the letters/illustrations. If you’d like to order a memorial, contact Birkenhead Monumental today. We offer a wide selection of headstones and cremation stones at a highly competitive price point. Our services also include subsequent inscriptions, headstone renovation, and ground anchoring.

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