Gravestones in Greasby

Gravestones in GreasbyGravestones in Greasby are a good way to serve as a permanent reminder of our dear departed loved ones. They are common in many religious burial ceremonies and are engraved with information the family of the deceased deem fit. Birkenhead Monumental offers truly bespoke gravestones suited to your requests. Our firm is run by family and has over fifty years of experience in the business. Our proprietor, David Williams, is the only hand letter cutter in Wirral and we are proud to have him on our team. With a dedicated staff of six craftsmen, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best service in terms of attention to detail and providence of high quality products.

 You do not have to limit yourself to a particular style when it comes to the design. In Greasby, gravestones can be made from designs inspired by traditional styles or made to suit the modern style if you so wish. Whatever the appearance, the gravestone will have enough room for a personal inscription. Regardless of what you would like etched on the stone, we are able to assist you so don’t hesitate to ask when you speak to any of our team members. Each project we do is worked on with diligence, with attention to detail being applied all through. We understand how important it is to give a lasting remembrance for a departed loved one. If you have a particular material you wish to use, we are able to assist you. Our gravestones are available in marble, granite, and rustic. We always ensure to create them in accordance to any stipulated regulations.

If you are looking for carefully crafted gravestones in Greasby, speak to the experts. Our craftsmen will be more than willing to talk to you about the design you want to help you honour your departed one. Alternatively, if you wish to have an already existing gravestone be attended to, we are happy to offer those services as well. For more information about the gravestones we can assist with, contact Birkenhead Monumental.  While with us, feel free to ask about other services we offer.

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