Inscriptions in Caldy

Inscriptions in CaldyKeep the memory of your loved one alive with the right memorial inscriptions in Caldy. At Birkenhead Monumental, we are dedicated to providing clients with a lasting, memorable tribute to someone whom they cherished while alive. We also offer a full range of memorials in a wide selection of designs, colours and finishes. If you’d like additional features like symbols, flowers, military or sporting badges to be part of the memorial, you can provide a design and we are glad to create it for you. We also assist clients with all the paperwork and submissions for church and municipal authorities. If you need some suggestions or advice with wording, layout and typeface, our team can ensure that you get exactly what you have in mind. The words you choose will last for centuries and give future generations an idea of the deceased person’s status, age, gender and the esteem that he or she was held-in in life.

Making the right choice of inscriptions can be quite stressful. In Caldy, inscriptions should be selected after careful thought and introspection. Family members and friends can be consulted for ideas. Clichés and platitudes should be avoided and you can create a unique, personalized inscription that truly reflects the qualities of the loved one. Your inscription should also stand the test of time. Trends and fashions may sound odd, politically incorrect or misplaced to future generations. If the deceased was an older person, just the years would suffice. But if he/she was a child, you can add the exact date with month and year. If there was a favourite quote, lines of a song or part of a religious text that was cherished, this would be the perfect place to memorialise it for all time.

It’s also important to choose the right font and size while creating inscriptions in Caldy. For assistance with inscriptions, don’t hesitate to contact Birkenhead Monumental. Small, highly-decorative fonts are difficult to read and may not last for very long. The placement of the inscription on the headstone or gravestone is also crucial. If you plan to add artwork, or symbols, a short inscription should be chosen. Longer inscriptions suit simple formats.

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