Pet Headstones in Caldy

Pet Headstones in CaldyAt Birkenhead Monumental our stonemasons are skilled artisans who proudly include pet headstones in Caldy among our services. So often, our pets are as dear to us as any other family member and when they pass, the grieving process is painful. It’s helpful to express the joy and comfort your pet brought into your life with a permanent headstone. Choose from marble, rustic or granite for your pet headstone. Each stone has a unique beauty and can be left natural, polished or a mixed stone design. For burial at a local pet cemetery, headstones are generally small but there’s room to memorialise your furry friend with your own sentiment or one we can suggest for you.  If you own a large property and plan to bury your pet at home, the memorial can be whatever you want it to be.

Our showroom displays a wide variety of designs and stones from which you can choose. In Caldy, pet headstones can be tailored to suit your preferences. When your family loses a beloved pet, it is often the first loss a young child experiences. Handling this troubling event with sensitivity and honouring the beloved pet will help all of you manage the loss. Children usually adjust to the loss quickly but it’s a milestone in their development. You may want to include them in the memorial planning. Most kids never forget a beloved pet so give them a place and a headstone to memorialise their friend.

Creating pet headstones in Caldy is as important to us as any other memorial stonework we offer. Birkenhead Monumental is our family business and has been for over 50 years. There is only one hand cutter in Wirral and you will find him here at Birkenhead Monumental. We’re not behind the times and our skill with laser cutting and design is enviable. Contact us and schedule an appointment at our combined showroom, office and workshop. You can’t be in our business for long without developing a compassionate nature toward loss. You will find us easy to work with and our long experience is available with guidance and advice as needed.

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