Inscriptions in Neston

Inscriptions in NestonWith inscriptions in Neston by Birkenhead Monumental, you can express your deepest emotions and heartfelt tributes to deceased loved ones. We understand how difficult it is to choose the right type of inscription that reflects not just your thoughts and feelings, but also gives a glimpse of the life and works of the departed soul. Once you have made the important decisions about the headstone or memorial, it’s equally important to spend time on creating a beautiful and timeless memorial inscription. What most of us feel anxious about is that this inscription has to say all that’s required and this should hold good for all time. It’s literally “carved in stone.”  Some people find it easy to choose the right words and tone, or perhaps pick a treasured line of poetry or passage from a beloved book. However, the majority of people feel at a loss for words. If there are several family-members involved, it means finding something that everyone cherishes and approves of.

Apart from the words themselves, the right kind of lettering, whether gilded or plain, painted or natural are all important decisions to make while choosing the right one. In Neston, inscriptions that are gilded can last for at least 15 years, and longer, if the stone is upright and located in a shady area. You can choose silver or gold gilding. Leaded inscriptions can last for more than a century, though it is an expensive option. Painted inscriptions are convenient and fast, but need refurbishing and repair quite soon. Here the choice is between white gloss enamels or coloured paints.  Other options include hand cut lettering which is a great option when you want to add more lines, or during renovation. Sandblasting is the perfect choice for large sized memorials with a lot of information to be conveyed.

Before choosing inscriptions in Neston, make sure that your choice in compliance with the regulations imposed by the churchyard or cemetery. If you need assistance with inscriptions, contact Birkenhead Monumental. We can also help you with repairs and restorations of existing memorials, gravestones and headstones. This enables you to keep the memory of your dear one fresh in the memory.


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