Inscriptions in Upton

Inscriptions in UptonWith the best memorials and inscriptions in Upton, you can pay the right tribute to your loved one. At Birkenhead Monumental, we have more than half a century’s experience in this sector. Our proprietor David Williams enjoys the reputation of being the only hand letter cutter in the Wirral region. We are proud to remain a local, family-run and family-owned business, with strong ties in the local community. This gives us the unique advantage of being in sync with the local needs, preferences and budgets. It also ensures that we are familiar with customs and traditions in local churchyards and cemeteries. If you are new in this area or are unfamiliar with some of these conventions, we are glad to provide you with the assistance and advice you need. We began operations in Borough Road, Birkenhead from where we got our name. Today, we’ve moved to more spacious premises and a custom-designed factory in the modern North Cheshire Trading Estate in Prenton, but we haven’t lost an iota of the personalised touch that sets us apart from similar businesses.

There are so many things that you’d like to say with this short tribute. In Upton, inscriptions selection can seem to be a challenging task. However, we advise our clients to take their time and create the right inscription after consulting others who may have great suggestions to offer. Phrases like “In Loving Memory” are clichéd and trite, but they do have a resonance in our minds and hearts. However, if you’d like something more unique, you could spend some time on research through literature or religious texts, music, or words of songs, and find something that appeals to you.

Remember that inscriptions in Upton and other places are almost timeless and can last for centuries. So it’s wise to choose words that will be appreciated, give a true picture of the deceased and what he or she meant to you. If you would like assistance with an inscription, contact Birkenhead Monumental. Ensure that the inscription is in keeping with the status, personality and age of your loved one. The dates of birth and death should also be mentioned, so leave enough space on the monument for them.

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