Monumental Mason in Runcorn

Monumental Mason in RuncornA monumental mason in Runcorn can help you choose a meaningful memorial to memoralise your lost loved one.  Although a sad fact, we all understand that death is as much a part of life as living. Your loved ones are precious to you, both in life and even after passing; just as you are special to someone. When your loved one is no longer living, you may, understandably, wish to honor their life, and mark their presence in a significant way. These markers can then become a physical symbol that you turn to when you would like to remember your loved one.

Stonemasonry is a specialised skill. In Runcorn, a monumental mason has the skill and experience to create a personalised gravestone. As a gravestone can take on quite some significance to some people, monumental masons usually find that their work is of great importance. The gravestones are usually created using stone that is long lasting in order to ensure their durability and longevity. The main types of stone used are marble and granite. The monumental mason’s main task is to shape the stone to a size and shape that had previously been agreed upon with the family members, and then to inscribe their writing of choice. These stones are then delivered to the graveyard and laid at the head of the grave where they become a marker of a final resting place.

Create the ideal headstone for your loved one with a monumental mason in Runcorn. To work with an experienced and considerate mason, contact Birkenhead Monumental. We are a family run business that has been crafting monuments for over 50 years. Pay us a visit to inspect what we have previously created. Birkenhead Monumental has taken pains to ensure that we can provide you comprehensive services right from the start. We will create your monument form start to finish as we do our own lettering on site. Come to us if you desire to create a monument that is truly deserving of your loved one, and will surely remain intact for a long time to come.

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