Headstones for graves in Greasby

Headstones for graves in GreasbyHeadstones for graves in Greasby are a simple way of identifying the burial site of your departed loved one. You can use various designs in order to add a personal touch. With headstones, you can mark the dates of the life lived, as well as include a favourite quote, a word or a phrase that was personal to the deceased. Because we know you’d like to keep the uniqueness throughout, even in this detail, you have the opportunity to choose from the variety of materials we have in stock. You can also choose styles such as flat markers, bevel markers, slant markers, and even ledgers. Each comes with its own individual properties that may appeal to you one way or another. It may be just another piece of stone to many, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected.

Birkenhead Monumental can help you create and erect the perfect piece of art for a burial site. In Greasby, headstones for graves are made only of the highest quality materials, with precise and professional workmanship going into every carving. We make sure to pay special attention to detail in order to create a headstone made with love, and one that complies with the requirements given. Our designs span from the traditional to the modern, each with its own amount of sentimental value. Whether marble, granite or rustic, our headstones mark a beautiful reminder of a deceased loved one, and they come with enough space to have inscriptions. Our family-run business is well experienced and informed in the monumental trade, and this places us in a good position to advise you on all things headstones, including church or burial site regulations. Our high standards go beyond crafting. We make sure to erect all memorials in accordance to Health and Safety standards.

If you’re looking to erect headstones for graves in Greasby, Birkenhead Monumental is only a call away. Contact us today and we’ll help you in the best way possible. With our sales office in the same premises as our factory, we are able to offer a one-stop service for all of your memorial needs.

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