Monumental Headstones in Birkenhead

Monumental Headstones in BirkenheadDesigning monumental headstones in Birkenhead should never be rushed. It’s okay to get input on the inscription and shape of the stone from other family members but ultimately only one person should make all final decisions. So that designated individual should have time to think through thoughts, ideas and feelings so what is finally engraved in stone conveys the message you intend. At Birkenhead Monumental we have obviously helped many design and inscribe a memorial. We can cut through a lot of guess work for you. We’re happy to advise and suggest. Having a good idea of the inscription will help you choose the stone size. With that done, we can assist with a selection of size and type of font we’ve learned from experience work well together.

It’s easy to choose a traditional monument with the traditional words. But in Birkenhead, Monumental headstones that are less ornate with a clean simple shape might be a better choice for you. The simplicity looks more modern, offers more space for the inscription and allows the beauty of the stone to shine through. For more originality, use the back, or sides or top of the stone for your inscription. That leaves more space on the front for the name and years; maybe add a photo or an engraving that is meaningful for those who knew the deceased. A meaningful phrase the deceased was known to use frequently will personalise the monument.

Monumental headstones in Birkenhead may be created from marble, granite or rustic but always with attention to detail. When adding the inscription, sometimes less is more. A simple phrase or short sentence that sums up what the deceased stood for in life engraved in bold script will tell more than a long list of attributes. Contact Birkenhead Monumental and we’ll schedule and consultation to begin the process of creating a personalised headstone for your loved one. We will also make arrangements with the cemetery for setting the stone and the required paperwork once the stone is complete. This is a hard job you’ve drawn. We’ll do our best to make it as painless as possible.

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