Professional Headstone Inscription Service in Deeside is Available

Headstone Inscription Service in Deeside A professional headstone inscription service in Deeside is available when you speak to our stonemasons. An inscription usually includes the deceased’s name and dates. It may also include a verse, a poem, or other meaningful wording. In addition, an inscription is a permanent tribute to the person who has passed on. It is a memory of your lost loved one. Planning the wording of an inscription takes careful thought. The deceased may have left instructions on what he would prefer. If he did not, the family will need to decide on the most appropriate wording for the inscription. There are different options available for the style of lettering for the inscription.

Our stonemasons are available to assist you with inscribing an epitaph for your loved one. In Deeside, a headstone inscription service is one of the services we can provide. Once the gravestone has been chosen, the inscription can be considered. You and your family can decide on the most meaningful inscription for your loved one’s headstone. Our experts are available to assist you with selecting the font, the size of the letters and the type of etching for the headstone. Different stones have unique properties that make them easier to inscribe. A sandstone headstone can be cut to present a flat, muted surface that takes an inscription well. While a marble headstone is a beautiful choice, it is a softer stone and an inscription can lose its crispness over time.

Our experts are available to assist you with a professional inscription service in Deeside.  We can provide advice and suggestions on the type of font for the headstone. Some stone does not etch or engrave as easily as others. An example is granite. While a popular choice for a headstone, it is too coarse for small, delicate fonts to be engraved into it. In comparison, slate headstones have are more delicate in composition and cannot be cut as deeply as other stone materials. Thus, a thin and elegant font is more appropriate. To find out more about our inscription service, contact Birkenhead Monumental. We can provide examples of different fonts, wordings, and styles for you to choose from.

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