Creating High Quality Headstones In Upton

Headstones In UptonThere are certain aspects that are important when picking headstones in Upton and one of the most basic and important feature is the material these headstones are made out of. In the early days, most headstones were made out of wood or stone and each had their own set of problems. Over time, these materials have been replaced by better, more durable materials and there is a lot of focus on making the headstone, and the inscription on it, last longer. The one thing that has made the most difference is the way in which these materials are prepared and treated, by the mason, before being made into a headstone. Modern materials generally include marble and granite, which are excellent when used to make headstone.

In Upton, headstones need to be prepared for the process by being cut out of large slabs. Headstone masons can do this on their own or get them cut from a stone supplier in the right shape and size. Once they are the perfect size and shape, they need to be inscribed upon. Other aspects or design features are also added onto the headstone following which, the headstone is ready for finishing. The finishing process generally involves a lot of polishing and this lends a clean and clear coat of polish to the headstones, making them nice, bright and shiny. At Birkenhead Monumental, we use our 30+ years of experience to create the perfect designs and prepare them for the funeral process.

There are moments when headstones in Upton also require repair work or restoration due to exposure to the elements. The amount of damage suffered varies and while some may be broken or cracked, others are merely dirty or have lost their lustre due to exposure. Putting things back as they were may mean a thorough clean-up job, adding new inscriptions or just replacing the entire headstone with a brand new one, if the repairs are impossible to make. A headstone means a lot when it comes to the memories of a person who has passed on, and ensuring that you get the best headstone designs and inscriptions is our primary motive here at Birkenhead Monumental. So make sure you come to us every time you have the need for a brand new headstone or just want to get an old one repaired or replaced.

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