Stonemasons in Caldy

Stonemasons in CaldyOur stonemasons in Caldy can create a perfect head stone for the grave for after the funeral and you would like a memorial made for your family member. We have a wide range of material including granite, marble and limestone. We can engrave badges, symbols or pictures should you wish to have a special emblem etched on the stone. Some of the deceased are war veterans and have their military affiliations carved on the stone along with the inscription. Others were members of clubs or organisations that the family would like noted. The stones come in a range of colours both light and dark and the lettering is finished in a colour that highlights the words.  Our most popular colours are gold leaf and silver but we can colour the lettering in any colour you choose.

When you need a memorial stone made in Caldy, stonemasons are professional headstone makers and will erect the stone according to the Health and Safety standards. Our prices are extremely affordable and our helpful and friendly staff will aid you in choosing the perfect inscription. They will also advise you on the rules and regulations of the different churchyards and cemeteries. There are limits on sizes of stones that differ from place to place.  Our years of experience and local knowledge will ensure you are informed before you make your choice.

We are one of the leading stonemasons in Caldy. Contact Birkenhead Monumental today or visit our showroom to see our wide range of head stones. We have over 50 years of experience in the monumental business and David Williams is the only hand letter cutter in the area and is a fully qualified stone mason. There are very few qualified stone masons left in the UK and it is a dying art. If you have a specific idea of what you want we can make it for you. Our stones can be polished to a high shine or left plain with rough edges. Our stonemasons will ensure that the gravestone for your lost loved one is elegant and appropriate.

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