Pet Headstones in Ellesmere Port

Pet Headstones in Ellesmere PortPet headstones in Ellesmere Port are one of the ways Birkenhead Monumental serves the needs of our clients. Using the same tools and skills we use every day for the human family members we create memorial stones for your pet family members. Who else in life gives as unconditionally? Would you have laughed as much every single day without your pet? How about those long walks? Would you have gone alone or stayed in front of the TV? Would you have cried alone and uncomforted without your pet in your life? If you enjoy good physical and mental health, you may have your pet to thank. Our pets are members of our family and deserve to be remembered with a lasting memorial acknowledging their contribution to our lives.

When our pets die, they leave a big gap in our life that causes us to grieve their loss. In Ellesmere Port, pet headstones can help ease that grief. It’s our promise to them we will never forget they were always there to greet us and share their love of life with us. Service dogs are especially missed because they afford us a level of independence we might not otherwise have. For many who live alone, interaction with their pets prevents loneliness. A headstone to mark their burial place can be as simple or as elaborate as any other headstone. It’s your words that will be used on the memorial. As always, our headstones are customised according to the customers’ preferences. The design may depend on whether you plan to bury your pet in a pet cemetery or on private property.

Birkenhead Monumental can help you choose from a selection of pet headstones in Ellesmere Port. Our designs are varied and pet distinctive. As with any headstone, the engraving type and style is your choice but we are ready with suggestions to help you choose. We can incorporate colour and even badges for your beloved pet’s headstone. If your pet is to be placed in a pet cemetery, we will anchor the stone for you and advise you of any special regulations. Contact Birkenhead Monumental when you want a pet headstone. We will help you honour the life that so willingly enhanced your own.

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