Memorial Plaques in Caldy

Memorial Plaques in CaldyLosing someone dear to you is difficult and you may want to remember them with a memorial plaque in Caldy. We are dedicated to providing you with a plaque that is dignified and shows what the deceased family member meant to you. Our highly experienced building team can affix the plaque to any surface you choose. The inscription is chosen by you and carved or etched by our stone mason. The huge variety of stone in the most beautiful colours will make it difficult to decide which stone suits the surroundings best. Our experienced staff will advise you on what stones are allowed in the various cemeteries and churchyards.

When you have suffered the loss of a dear one in Caldy, memorial plaques can help you through the grieving process. This is one of the ways in which people can accept the death of a loved one. It also allows you to put you love and feeling onto a permanent marker. The stone will last hundreds of years and forever be a sign to your future family of the respect and caring you had for the family member. It will stand as a mark of devotion, love and caring for all to see and as a monument of remembrance for all the family members.

We will hand carve outstanding memorial plaques in Caldy. Contact Birkenhead Monumental today to arrange for a plaque or headstone to be crafted by our highly qualified stone masons. We have over 50 years of experience in the monumental trade and take great pride in having the only hand letter carver in Wirral. David Williams, the proprietor, is a fully qualified time served stone mason. There are very few stone masons left in the UK who have the necessary training to hand carve a stone. We supply and erect headstones as well as memorial plaques and the stones are erected to the health and safety standards on a ground anchor foundation. We can make any stone you choose to design from a special headstone to a wonderful tribute to a lost child.

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