Cremation Stones in Moreton

Cremation Stones in MoretonFor dignified cremation stones in Moreton, Birkenhead Monumental can assist.   Our range is vast and includes a large selection of stones in many different colours and designs. We are able to fit designs onto the stone in the form of flowers, military and sporting badges as well as religious symbols like hands praying or bibles. This allows you to proudly show a regiment that was served in or a sport that was dearly loved. It is wonderful to be able to personalise a stone as it makes the dedication that much more personal. Our staff can help you with the inscription as there is often much that you would like to say but not enough space. The inscription is painted in a contrasting colour to the stone to make it more visible.

If you have lost a loved one recently, it is likely that you will want a memorial stone. In Moreton, cremation stones allow you to create a place to remember the happy times you had with your beloved family member. Our beautifully crafted stones are of the very best quality and are made to last for many years. The stone itself is some of the hardest wearing material available and will endure through all kinds of weather. The stone we use is usually granite or marble but we also use other stone. These come in a wide range of colours and can be completely polished or left natural in parts.

We offer some of the best cremation stones in Moreton. To see the huge range of stones we have, contact Birkenhead Monumental today or visit our offices. We are family run business that has over 30 years of experience in designing and crafting high quality memorial stones. We are extremely proud of our well earned reputation as one of the finest monumental craftsmen in the area. We also offer a restoration service where we collect an old family headstone and clean and polish it. Once this is done we clean and deepen the inscription before repainting the letters and reinstalling the stone.

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