Lettering on Headstones in Upton

Lettering on Headstones in UptonLettering on headstones in Upton is a choice the family makes when choosing a monument for their loved one. At Birkenhead Monumental we help you with your selection just as we do with other selection decisions including type of stone, polished or not, colour and shape. Those preliminaries help you prepare the blank slate that will display your tribute in words for generations to come. We have many samples in our showroom of lettering and artwork layout on different sizes, shapes and colours of stones. Once you know the size, shape and stone you are ready for the lettering. The largest words on the memorial will be the name of the deceased. Dates, inscriptions and artwork will be aesthetically arranged.

Our proprietor at Birkenhead Monumental is the only one doing hand cut lettering in Wirral. You will have a choice of engraving styles in Upton; lettering on headstones may be carved in any font. The most common is a traditional Roman font because it is easily read but the choice is  yours alone. The letters may be outlined, v-sunk, shadow outlined or any choice from our display. Painted letters and artwork are also an option and we have excellent artisans whose creations you can view in our showroom. Once the name and dates for the deceased are on the stone, personalise it further with an inscription. Choose your own or use one of our many selections that define your feelings.

Our family has been carving and lettering on headstones in Upton for over fifty years. During that time we have integrated the best of new technology into our skill set. Since a headstone is always customised, clients have more choices than ever before, often combining the old techniques with the new. You may have the name hand engraved and the sentiment and emblem laser engraved. Our goal is always the same; the client must be satisfied. Contact Birkenhead Monumental when the responsibility of choosing a headstone falls to you. Compassion for your loss and respect for the memory of your loved one is ever present as we assist you with this emotional task.

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