Headstones for Graves in Birkenhead

Headstones for Graves in BirkenheadIt will be time to choose headstones for graves in Birkenhead once the funeral is over. The stone we use to create the headstone in of the best quality. There is a large selection of colour and type of stone to choose from. There are also many different styles and designs and we can make a unique headstone to your individual specifications. Our use of the very best stone allows us to confidently expect the stone to last for many years. We can offer you a number of different colours of granite stone or if you prefer we have marble. The finish of the stone can be polished all over or part polished leaving parts of the stone in a natural state. We also create a rustic stone which is usually made from limestone or slate and is left mostly natural except for the area around the inscription.

One of the most important things after the death of a loved is treasuring their memory. In Birkenhead, headstones for graves are one way the family can show their love and respect for a deceased family member. There are often things one is very proud of like military service or membership of a club or sports team. We can engrave the badges onto the headstone along with the inscription so that everyone can see how special the person was. We can help you create an inscription which is unique and fitting for your relative.

We make headstones for graves in Birkenhead and the surrounding area. Contact Birkenhead Monumental today to find out more about the wide variety of stones available. We will take care of the paperwork and submissions for the church and council authorities on your behalf. These vary along with the rules and regulations from church yard to cemetery. However we are well versed in the various requirements at the different sites and can easily advise you on the type of stone and the size allowed. We have over 30 years of experience in designing and crafting headstone and engraving or carving the inscriptions.

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