Headstones in Bebington

Headstones in BebingtonAt Birkenhead Monumental we have been creating individualised headstones in Bebington for fifty years. Stone cutting and using stones to mark a sacred or important place goes back probably to the beginning of time. There have been many changes over time such as the use of laser technology to carve the stones into almost any appropriate shape and for letter or symbol engraving. You don’t have to go very far back in history to find family cemeteries where a large unmarked rock was used to mark a grave; smaller rocks were used for children. Family history was the only record of who was buried where. Marking the spot with a stone is human tradition. There are few hand letter cutters left and we’re proud to say one such skilled individual is our proprietor.

We’re at your service to assist in the selection of a stone and shape of stone for your loved one. In Bebington, headstone selection can be an emotional process and we encourage you to take the time you need before making your final decision. We’re here to advise and suggest as you select the wording and symbols that will appear in the stone. Cemetery rules also must be factored into your choices. Once your decision is made we create the memorial you have decided is most fitting to make a very important spot and leave a message for future generations. Upon completion and your approval we will securely ground anchor the headstone.

Some couples select their headstones in Bebington during their lifetime and the final inscription is their own choice. Often it is one headstone for both so when one passes, we prepare the headstone completely as requested and anchor the stone to the burial site. The name and date of birth of the living spouse is included. Upon the death of the spouse, we will retrieve the stone from the burial site and bring it back to our shop. Here we will add the date of death and then return the stone to the burial site. Contact Birkenhead Monumental for headstone selection for your loved one. You may be interested in our other services including renovation of an old, difficult to read stone or headstone cleaning to remove stains and discolorations produced by the elements and vegetation.

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