Stonemasons in Heswall

Stonemasons in HeswallWhen you are searching for stonemasons in Heswall, come to Birkenhead Monumental. We can help you through the process of designing a personalised Monument for your loved one. A lasting tribute to an important life may be difficult to sum up in a few lines of carved text. However, your memories and our skill will combine to create a work of art to memorialise your loved one. A memorial stone brings comfort to survivors, but it’s also a legacy for future generations. Those who come after will have a glimpse into the life of a family member they never knew. We can achieve that with selected words, symbols and even photographs artfully arranged on beautiful marble.

Birkenhead Monumental is a family owned and operated business encompassing fifty years in the stonemason trade. In Heswall, stonemasons at our factory are highly skilled. Ours is the only monument company with a hand letter cutter on staff. We use modern techniques for lettering and engraving monuments but for an authentic touch, hand engraving is still an option at our company. Either way, our customers receive our full focus and attention to make sure they get the memorial they want. Marble is a beautiful stone available in many colours from which to choose. Marble lends itself to shaping more easily than stones like granite. Yet, the ancient stone has enduring beauty and strength.

For full service stonemasons in Heswall, visit us at our North Cheshire factory and showroom. Our one-stop customer service undertakes the creation of a memorial stone unique to each client. With that comes working within the regulations of each cemetery; information we gain ourselves. We also handle the paperwork required by local ordinances and installation is completed to health and safety standards on a solid ground anchor foundation. Call us and meet with us at our factory showroom. Here on display are many colours, sizes and shapes of monuments with an array of script, symbols and engraving styles from which you can choose. We have arranged a comfortable meeting and planning office to plan the beautiful marble monument to be created to your specifications

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